I don't trust words.
I trust images...

An amateur, freelance, selftough photographer who loves to take pictures of models and their emotions and physics. Portraits, tests, fashion, nudes, and those who are openminded to unusual ideas.

Hi, I am Rafal

I was born in Poland, graduated in master of History, but now it is a history.. I have moved to England in 2010. Since then I was trying several different things. Working in quality department, selling clothes, creating websites with memes, organizing national beauty pageants and sending beauty queens to international competitions, building online platform for modeling sociaty. From 2020 I decided to make my dreams came true, I am exploring photography world, focusing mostly on models tests, portraits, fashion, fitness and discovering different areas when shooting people. I like to potrait human physics and emotions. My profile pictures by Karen Ryska

Client see

Feedback from my clients.

"Rafal is not just a photographer, he is an artist. He came up with a huge numbers of fresh and new ideas about my photoshooting theme .From his portfolio I figured that I’d get something pretty cool , but I was floored by what actually came back . He is an excellent communicator and extremely reliable. He has a fun, exciting, upbeat mentality that makes the day even more special. I would highly recommend him!"


“Working with Rafal was so easy and natural! His guidance, improvisation, creativity and skill are on a whole other level! I’ve worked with many photographers but none made doing shoots as fun as he did!”


“Working with Rafal is super easy! Lots of fun to work with and gives very clear directions for the best shot.”


"He’s a really good guy with amazing ideas. Friendly person with a great attitude. I would highly recommend him for everyone and also the after work is just perfect."


"The photographer gives a lot of space for the model's ideas, is open to teamwork, takes into account the model's comments, is able to listen, thanks to which the atmosphere at the session is amazing."


"I have done some work with Rafal recently and I love how he is well organised and prepared for photo shoots. I would very much recommend him as he seems like a genuine guy who’s ready to get the how on the road”.


"I’ d like to reccomend this photographer. Work with him was nice and full of idea’s. I felt easygoing and stresless. I hope for another one shoots with him!"


"As a plus size woman i sometimes struggle with confidence. Rafal made me feel good about my body, made me laugh and most important created safe place for me to be me. I hope this wasn’t the last time I could work with Rafal."